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Portable and Splittable Cooler

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Features of the Portable & Splittable Cooler

Create Comfort Air Anywhere

The splittable working unit (indoor unit) and the ventilation unit (outdoor unit) are connected by one flexible connection hose. It is an innovative cooler in which the units can be moved and used easily. The portable and splittable cooler can be conveniently used by simply connecting it to an electrical outlet in a variety of environments such as industrial sites and outdoor event spaces where existing air conditioners are difficult to use (install). In addition, the heat and operating noise generated from the ventilation unit (outdoor unit) can be separated from the place you want to be cooled for efficient and comfortable cooling.

Optional: Cooling & Heating All-in-One.

Structure of the Portable & Splittable Cooler


파워쿨, 파워쿨&히트 제품의 구조에 관한 설명으로, 아래내용 찹조


파워쿨 멀티 제품의 구조에 관한 설명으로, 아래내용 찹조
1. Working Unit
This unit functions similarly to the indoor unit of a conventional air conditioner. It discharges cold air in the cooling mode and warm air in the heating mode. (Heat pump system for cooling & heating is optional.)
2. Ventilation Unit
This unit functions similarly to the outdoor unit of a conventional air conditioner. It contains major components for cooling and heating operations such as a condenser, compressor, and switching valve, and discharges hot air (in cooling mode) or cold air (in heating mode). (Heat pump system for cooling & heating is optional.)
3. Flex Connection Hose
Flex Connection Hose connects the working unit and the ventilation unit. In this Flex Connection Hose, the refrigerant and condensate pipes, and the signal and power cables are integrated. In addition, the refrigerant is automatically shielded when detached, allowing easy and safe connection and disconnection without leaking of the refrigerant. (3m to 15m, with a height difference up to 8m)
4. Castor Wheel
Each of the working unit and the ventilation unit are equipped with four castor wheels for easy transport.
5. Self-evaporating Sytem
The application of a self-evaporating system reduces the amount of discharged condensate generated during operation.
6. Flexible Duct
By adjusting Flexible Ducts, you can intensively cool (heat) the desired area. When you simply detach the ducts and use the unit as a grille, cooling (heating) effects will spread out ducts area.

Uniqueness of Portable & Splittable Cooler POWER COOL vs. Existing Products (air conditioner, portable cooler)

Simply Comfortable Anywhere

Power Cool
No additional pipe/duct work required, just plug into an electrical outlet for easy use. It can be used and moved freely by connecting and detaching the Flex Connection Hose.
Due to the construction of covered pipes and ducts, the indoor and outdoor units are mounted. Therefore, the location of the air conditioner cannot be moved according to the user's needs.

Powerful Cooling (Heating) Capacity

Power Cool
With a dual heat exchanger on the ventilation unit (outdoor unit), the cooling (heating) capability and efficiency is much stronger than that of existing products.
A single heat exchanger is used in the outdoor unit.

Powerful Wind Volume

Power Cool
Dual fans increase the total discharged wind volume, allowing farther and stronger heating and cooling.
A single fan is used.

Comfort Cooling (Heating) Without Noise

Power Cool
The ventilation unit (outdoor unit) can be moved outside of the cooling area, providing comfortable cooling (heating) while preventing the user from being exposed to the air and noise emitted from the ventilation unit (outdoor unit).
The existing portable cooler is integrated with the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, so the noise and the heat discharged during operation are delivered to the user as is.

Flexible Use With Portable Multi-Split Type

Power Cool
The structure of POWER COOL MULTI-SPLIT allows for up to four portable working units (indoor units) to be connected to one portable ventilation unit (outdoor unit) offering flexible use without any pipe and duct work.
As the outdoor unit and indoor unit need to be fixed, air conditioner installation work is required even in unused space. (For example, referring to a conventional air conditioner with an indoor unit to outdoor unit ratio of 2:1, if there are 6 locations, construction is required for at least 3 outdoor units and 6 indoor units, regardless of the total space usage.)

Reduce Inconvenience of Condensate Discharge

Power Cool
A condensate self-evaporating system is used, which reduces the amount of condensate discharged.
It is a big hassle to empty the condensate tank frequently.

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