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About Us

POWER COOL, A company improving quality of life

POWER COOL was founded in 2003 as Nova Magnetics, a manufacturer of thin film sensors for hard disks, and was acquired by BMT, a KOSDAQ listed company, in 2009. In 2015, we were reborn as POWER COOL, a portable cooler specialist.

The idea of POWER COOL, a Portable & Splittable Cooler, began at the production site of its parent company, BMT.

In the hot summer, it is difficult to cool the entire space of a production site, so it is painful to endure the radiating heat from all of the production equipment. POWER COOL began research and development with the purpose of solving difficulties in the field and create a more comfortable and safe working environment. To this end, BMT's precision fitting/valve technology was applied to its existing portable air conditioner technology, and patented technology was used, thereby resulting in a Portable & Splittable Cooler, with a new and optimized design.

POWER COOL will take the lead in protecting individual health from the record breaking heat waves that are ongoing all over the world and improving quality of life by realizing a heat avoidance technology and design applicable to all sorts of daily activities at various industrial sites, outdoor parking lots/waiting rooms, event halls, performance halls, sports facilities, multi-use facilities, outdoor parks, golf courses, and the like.

POWER COOL is creating a new wind of portable air conditioner through the new concept of its POWER COOL product line. We, POWER COOL, we will continue to put our efforts into enhancing our technology and developing new products to make our lives more convenient and pleasant, and we will reward our customers' continuous love and support with various products to enhance the quality of human life.