POWER COOL, A new concept portable cooler, eliminates space restrictions
  • Convenient
    portable cooling
  • No need for
    pipe/duct work
  • Split Type
    (Indoor and Outdoor Units)

Cooling & HeatingPortable and Splittable Type POWER COOL&HEAT delivers all-in-one cooling and heating with a portable and splittable structure with a working unit (indoor) and a ventilation unit (outdoor unit).
Use after moving the working unit to the desired place for cooling and moving the ventilation unit to a separate area. Comfortable cooling is possible anywhere without any conventional installation work required for conventional air conditioners.

Key Components

파워쿨&히트 제품의 구성요소(열두시 방향부터 시계방향으로 그릴(옵션), 공기 배출기, 배출 유닛 - 실외기 역할, 전원 플러그 - 배출 유닛 측 플러그 1개 연결만으로 제품 작동, 우레탄 바퀴, 커넥터 - 간편한 탈부착(탈착 시 냉매 자동 차폐), 분리형, 후렉시블 커넥션 호스 - 3m~20m/높이 차이 최대 10m, 이동식, 냉난방 유닛 - 실내기의 역할, 에어 익스텐션 호스 - 기본 0.5m/권장 최대 길이 10m, 디지털 조작판넬)에 관한 이미지.


  • Comfortable Cooling and Heating The splittable structure enables quiet and efficient cooling and heating without temperature increase (or drop) and noise caused by the exhaust fan.
  • Combined Heating and Cooling All-in-one product that can perform cooling and heating simultaneously using a heat pump system.
  • Energy-Saving Environmentally-Friendly Cooling 410A eco-friendly refrigerant, energy savings through automatic control of exhaust fan/compressor
  • Partial/Intensive Cooling and Heating as Desired Adjust the Flexible Ducts to provide partial/intensive cooling and heating where desired (0.5 m standard, recommended maximum length of 10 m). Maximize local cooling/heating effect by adjusting damper base (blowing controller) attached to the duct.
  • Uniform Cooling and Heating When the grille is used (optional), the blowing range is widened, allowing for uniform cooling and heating of the space.
  • Convenient Portability and Safe Usability Four 360-degree rotating wheels with stopper are mounted on each unit to provide effortless rolling, soft mobility, and safe usage.
  • Reliable Product The whole process from design/production to testing/packaging is controlled under strict quality management system.
  • Convenient Digital Controller Functions such as timer (off timer), air volume (3 steps), temperature, cooling/heating/blowing mode, condensate alarm, start/stop, current status, and the like, are all displayed and controlled via one digital controller.
  • Reduced Condensate Discharge With a Condensate Self-evaporating System, the amount of condensate discharged is reduced, thereby reducing the hassle. (PCH5000, PCH6000, PCH8000)
  • No Pipe/Duct Work Required As the ventilation unit (outdoor unit) and the working unit (indoor unit) are separated, they can be used simply by connecting them to a power outlet, without pipe/duct works.
  • Powerful Blowing Ability Stronger blowing ability with dual fans (PCH5000, PCH6000, PCH8000)


  • Outdoor leisure Golf (practice) course, camping ground, water park, etc.
  • High temperature equipment room Herbal medicines preparation room, computer server room, heat exchanger room, etc.
  • Industrial sites Applicable to processes as well as operators in machining, welding, assembly lines, etc.
  • Outdoor venues and events Outdoor concerts, outdoor weddings, pop-up stores, festivals, etc. Easy to install, disassemble, and move. Suitable for one-time events.
  • Industrial agriculture and livestock sites Pigsties, cowsheds, poultry farms, flower gardens, etc. Separation of the ventilation unit (outdoor unit) reduces noise to improve the welfare of crops and animals.
  • Service centers Car centers, machine shops, gas stations, car washes, parking lots, etc.
  • Outdoor waiting areas Rest areas, cafe terraces, ticket offices, concert hall entrances, etc.


파워쿨&히트 제품의 제품사양으로, 모델명, 냉방면적, 냉방능력, 전원, 제품크기, 제품중량, 소비전력, 운전전류, 풍속, 온도범위, 냉매종류, 노줄 수 정보 제공
SPECS PCH3000 PCH4000 PCH5000 PCH6000 PCH8000
Cooling Area 26.4 33.1 46.3 52.9 66.1
Cooling Capacity kcal/h 3,300 4,200 5,200 6,050 8,000
Power Source Ø1 x 220~240V x 50/60Hz
Dimension/Working Unit W x D x H, mm 450 x 360 x 930 500 x 400 x 900 550 x 370 x 1150 600 x 500 x 1300 650 x 500 x 1500
Dimension/Vent UnitW x D x H, mm 450 x 450 x 1050 500 x 500 x 1050 550 x 550 x 1270 600 x 600 x 1300 650 x 650 x 1500
Weight/Working Unit 별첨 kg 30 35 45 65 85
Weight/Vent Unit 별첨 kg 60 65 74 95 115
Power InputkW 1.8 2.4 2.4 3.1 3.5
Running Current A 6 8 10 12 15
Airflow Rate m/s 8 ~ 9 10 ~ 12 10 ~ 12 14 ~ 15 14 ~ 15
Refrigerant R410A (Eco-friendly)
Optinal : Number of Flexible Ducts ea 0(Grill type), 1 0(Grill type), 2 0(Grill type), 2, 3 0(Grill type), 3 0(Grill type), 3
Condensate Tank 별첨 L 10 20 20 20 20

Weight: Unit weight only – the weight of the hoses and ducts is excluded.

Condensate Tank : For PCH3000 and PCH4000, a condensate tank is optional.