POWER COOL, A new concept portable cooler, eliminates space restrictions
  • Convenient
    portable cooling
  • No need for
    pipe/duct work
  • 4-way
    air flow

Cooling OnlyOpen Space PortableSmart Cooling Control POWERCOOL TOWER is a smart portable cooler with 4-way cooling suitable for outdoor open spaces.
Use after moving the product to any outdoor space and simply connecting it to an outlet. In hot summer, it will make a crowded open area pleasant. This smart cooler uses motion sensing to automatically adjust the operation/standby of the wind direction according to the movement of people.

Key Components

파워쿨 타워 제품의 구성요소(열두시 방향부터 시계방향으로 공기 배출기, 사방향 갤러리 - 모션센싱을 통한 차/개폐 자동제어, 전원 플러그, 이동식, 디지털 조작판넬)에 관한 이미지.


  • Comfortable Cooling Powerful 4-way wind cools open spaces in hot weather
  • Energy-Saving Environmentally-Friendly Cooling 410A eco-friendly refrigerant, energy savings through smart motion sensing control function
  • 4-way Smart Cooling through Motion Sensing Automatic control the 4-way gallery opening/closing via human motion sensing
  • Convenient Portability and Safe Usability Four 360-degree rotating wheels with stopper and detachable fall prevention devices provide effortless rolling, soft mobility, and safe usage.
  • Reliable Product The whole process from design/production to testing/packaging is controlled under strict quality management system.
  • Convenient Digital Controller Functions such as timer (off timer), air volume (5 steps), temperature, cooling/blowing mode, start/stop, current status, and the like, are all displayed and controlled via one digital controller.
  • No Pipe/Duct Work Required Cooling simply by connecting to a power outlet, without pipe/duct works.


  • Outdoor leisure Golf (practice) course, camping ground, water park, etc.
  • High temperature equipment room Herbal medicines preparation room, computer server room, heat exchanger room, etc.
  • Industrial sites Applicable to processes as well as operators in machining, welding, assembly lines, etc.
  • Outdoor venues and events Outdoor concerts, outdoor weddings, pop-up stores, festivals, etc. Easy to install, disassemble, and move. Suitable for one-time events.
  • Industrial agriculture and livestock sites Pigsties, cowsheds, poultry farms, flower gardens, etc.
  • Service centers Car centers, machine shops, gas stations, car washes, parking lots, etc.
  • Outdoor waiting areas Rest areas, cafe terraces, ticket offices, concert hall entrances, etc.
  • Outdoor spaces Automate the direction of cooling by detecting the movement of people in the outdoor spaces such as tourist spots and squares.


파워쿨 싱글박스 제품의 제품사양으로, 모델명, 냉방면적, 냉방능력, 전원, 제품크기, 제품중량, 소비전력, 운전전류, 풍속, 온도범위, 냉매종류, 노줄 수 정보 제공
Cooling Area 별첨 66.1 Cooling Capacity kcal/h 8,000
Power Source Ø1 x 220~240V x 50/60Hz Dimension W x D x H, mm 600 x 600 x 2250
Weight 별첨kg 120 Power InputkW 3.5
Running Current A 14 Airflow Rate m/s 10 ~ 12
Refrigerant R410A (Eco-friendly)

Cooling Area: Based on indoor cooling areas, it may vary depending on usage conditions when used outdoors.

Weight: Unit weight only – the weight of the fall prevention device is excluded.