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POWER COOL, New Flow for Portable Air Conditioner

POWERCOOL is a company specializing in cooling (and heating) products. POWERCOOL offers: “Portable Single-packaged Air Conditioners” – general type portable air conditioners - and “Portable Split Air Conditioners” – world first new concept air conditioners where the portable indoor unit(s) and portable outdoor unit are separated and connected with one flexible hose.

TThe idea of a Portable Split Air Conditioner, began at the production site of POWERCOOL’s parent company, BMT.

During summer, the sweltering heat weather combined with heat energy from operating equipment, workers often became exhausted and sick due to heat stress. POWERCOOL began research and development with the purpose of cooling down industrial areas during the hot summer months and creating a more comfortable and safe working environment. To this end, POWERCOOL successfully developed a Portable Split Air Conditioning technology by combining BMT’s fluid control technology to general portable air conditioners. POWERCOOL brought the breakthrough patented technology to market by launching its Portable Split Air Conditioners, which allow users efficiently and portably enjoy cooling without being exposed to the heat discharged during operation.

POWERCOOL products provide comfort users in their living and working place, such as industrial sites, outdoor parking lots/waiting rooms, event halls, performance halls, sports facilities, multi-use facilities, parks, golf courses.

POWERCOOL will take the lead in protecting individual health from the record breaking heat waves that are ongoing all over the world. POWERCOOL will continue its efforts into enhancing and developing its products and technologies to contribute to convenient and pleasant human life. Thank you for your interest in POWERCOOL - a new flow for air conditioning industries.