POWER COOL, Breakthrough in Portable Air Conditioner
  • Convenient
    portable cooling
  • No need for
    pipe/duct work
  • Split Type (Indoor
    and Outdoor Units)

Cooling OnlyPortable Split Type POWER COOL is a portable split air conditioner which consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, each portable. Place the portable indoor unit in the area to be cooled and the portable outdoor unit in a separate place.
Comfortable cooling is possible anywhere without any installation work required for traditional air conditioners.

Key Components

파워쿨 제품의 구성요소(열두시 방향부터 시계방향으로 그릴(옵션), 공기 배출기, 배출 유닛 - 실외기 역할, 전원 플러그 - 배출 유닛 측 플러그 1개 연결만으로 제품 작동, 우레탄 바퀴, 커넥터 - 간편한 탈부착(탈착 시 냉매 자동 차폐), 분리형, 후렉시블 커넥션 호스 - 3m~20m/높이 차이 최대 10m, 이동식, 냉방 유닛 - 0.5m/권장 최대 길이 10m, 에어 익스텐션 호스 - 기본 0.5m/권장 최대 길이 10m, 디지털 조작판넬)에 관한 이미지.


  • Comfortable Cooling The splittable structure enables quiet and efficient cooling without the heat and noise generated from the exhaust fan.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Cooling R410A eco-friendly refrigerant and energy savings through smart control based on the surrounding environment.
  • Partial/Intensive Cooling as Desired Adjust the Flexible Ducts to provide partial/intensive cooling where desired (0.5 m standard, recommended maximum length of 10 m). Maximize local cooling effect by adjusting damper base (blowing controller) attached to the duct.
  • Uniform Cooling When the grille is used (optional), the blowing range is widened, allowing for uniform cooling of the space.
  • Convenient Portability and Safe Usability Each unit is equipped with 4 castor wheels that offer 360 degree rotation for smooth and comfortable movement and mounted with a fixing device for safe usage.
  • Reliable Product The whole process from design/production to testing/packaging is controlled under strict quality management system.
  • Convenient Digital Controller Functions such as timer (off timer), air volume (3 steps), temperature, cooling/blowing mode, condensate alarm, start/stop, current status, and the like, are all displayed and controlled via one digital controller.
  • Reduced Condensate Discharge With a Condensate Self-evaporating System, the amount of condensate discharged is reduced, thereby reducing the hassle. (PC5000, PC6000, PC8000)
  • No Pipe/Duct Work Required Portable split type air conditioners can be used simply by connecting them to a power outlet, without pipe/duct works.
  • Powerful Blowing Ability Stronger blowing ability with dual fans. (PC5000, PC6000, PC8000)


    • Outdoor leisure and recreation Creating a comfortable environment in sports or leisure facilities such as a golf (practice) course, camping ground, water park, etc.
    • Kitchens and cooking areas Providing pleasant cooking environment in commercial kitchens, restaurants, schools, and institutions, etc. where cooking appliances release heat into the space.
    • Industrial sites Improving industrial work environments and increasing productivity during operations such as machining, assembly, and welding.
    • Outdoor venues and events Creating a pleasant atmosphere during events such as outdoor concerts, outdoor weddings, pop-up stores, festivals, etc.
    • Industrial agriculture and livestock sites Improving the welfare of crops and animals at pigsties, cowsheds, poultry farms, flower gardens, etc.
    • Outdoor workplaces Protecting workers exposed to extremes of heat at outdoor workplaces such as car centers, machine shops, gas stations, car washes, parking lots, etc.
    • Outdoor waiting areas Enhancing customer comfort at rest areas, cafe terraces, ticket offices, concert hall entrances, etc.
    • High temperature equipment room Creating a safe and comfortable temperature conditions at work places such as herbal medicines preparation room, computer server room, heat exchanger room, etc.


파워쿨 제품의 제품사양으로, 모델명, 냉방면적, 냉방능력, 전원, 제품크기, 제품중량, 소비전력, 운전전류, 풍속, 온도범위, 냉매종류, 노줄 수 정보 제공
SPECS PC3000 PC4000 PC5000 PC6000 PC8000
Cooling Area 31.2 39.7 49.2 52.7 75.6
Cooling Capacity kcal/h 3,300 4,200 5,200 6,050 8,000
Power Source Ø1 x 220V~240 x 50/60Hz
Dimension - Portable Indoor UnitW x D x H, mm 450 X 360 X 930 500 X 400 X 900 550 X 370 X 1150 550 X 370 X 1150 650 X 500 X 1500
Dimension - Portable Outdoor UnitW x D x H, mm 450 X 450 X 1050 500 X 500 X 1050 550 X 550 X 1270 550 X 550 X 1270 650 X 650 X 1500
Weight - Portable Indoor Unit별첨 kg 30 35 45 47 85
Weight - Portable Outdoor Unit별첨 kg 60 65 74 76 115
Power Input kW 1.3 2.0 2.0 2.6 3.1
Running Current A 6 9 9 12 14
Airflow Rate m/s 8 ~ 9 10 ~ 12 10 ~ 12 14 ~ 15 14 ~ 15
Refrigerant R410A (Eco-friendly)
Optinal : Number of Flexible Ducts ea 0(Grill type), 1 0(Grill type), 2 0(Grill type), 2, 3 0(Grill type), 3 0(Grill type), 3
Condensate Tank 별첨 L (10) (10) 20 20 20

Weight: Unit weight only – the weight of the hoses and ducts is excluded.

Condensate Tank : For those with parentheses, a condensate tank is optional.